Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best view in Cincinnati - Devou Park

I've decided it would be fun to try and determine the best view of the area here in Cincy. It doesn't necessarily have the be a view of downtown, it could just be any good lookout point. I'll go to a location, snap a few photos, and post them on here. I'm going to keep searching for good lookouts, and if anyone thinks they have a good place, please let me know and I'll check it out.

To kick off the "Best view" series, I went to Devou Park across the river in Kentucky. These pictures are the view from the grass near Drees Pavilion.

The western edge of downtown, North of Devou Park

Directly East of Devou Park, looking at Covington

North-east, a different part of Covington

And the best part, North-east of Devou Park looking at Downtown Cincinnati

The same direction from the park, zoomed out to see a more comprehensive view.

Good view? Bad view? Ideas for a better view? Again, not necessarily the city, just good general overlooks.

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  1. These are great pics! I will have to check out Devou now!