Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The purpose of this blog is to journal about the different things going on around Cincinnati, specifically the things I do. I'll explain why I chose to write this in a minute, but first some background about myself.

I grew up in Evanston, Ill, right next to Chicago. I'm definitely a city person, and that influence from Chicago is probably what drove me to live in downtown Cincinnati. I moved to Cincinnati in July 2008, soon after graduating from college, to start an engineering job. I lived in Oakley the first year, but was too busy to really go out and see much of the city.

Things have calmed down recently. I moved in with my girlfriend (also from Evanston, also a city person), and I've started to really explore Cincinnati and the surrounding area. I like what I've seen thus far, and there is still a lot to get to.

I hear a lot of people talk about how there is not much to do in Cincinnati and how downtown is devoid of life. One person I told I was moving downtown responded, "Just get your concealed weapon permit and you'll be all right."

These kinds of comments caused me to hesitate about the city, but Oakley felt too much like the suburbs and I had always wanted to live in the city, so I decided to try it anyway. I haven't regretted it.

Granted, downtown is not exactly bustling with people at 3 am on a normal weekend and it can be tough to find a place to eat on a Sunday (at least in my limited experience), but it's nothing like the impression I originally had.

I know what I'm doing here isn't exactly original- in fact some of the other blogs about Cincinnati and specifically downtown are part of my inspiration. There's a group of people who seem to have the same mentality as me, which I think can be summed up as follows: "Why do so many people think there is nothing going on in Cincinnati?"

I decided I should pitch in. What I'll be doing in this blog is chronicling the different places and events I visit. I'm doing it because my first year in the city, I had no idea about a lot of places to visit and different events going on, and many people I talk to don't know either. By keeping a record of my own experiences in and around the city, hopefully others will find out about some of the fun things going on, and hopefully some people will tell me about more things I may have missed!

So, if you have any suggestions of places to visit or events, please let me know and I'll try to get around to them. Otherwise, enjoy!

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  1. I like this blog and am enjoying reading it. Jim C.