Thursday, August 13, 2009

Downtown Cincinnati Restaurant Week- Jeff Ruby's

Checked out Jeff Ruby's last night for their $35 3 course dinner deal as part of Downtown Cincinnati Restaurant Week. I had the caesar salad, 6 oz. steak, and NY cheesecake.

The salad was not what I had expected- it was 3 large leaves of lettuce covered lightly in dressing on a plate. Maybe that is the norm at upscale places, but I usually like salads cut up in a bowl. It still tasted good.

The steak was delicious, as was the cheesecake dessert. I did glance at the normal menu beforehand, though, and I don't really think the $35 charge for these courses is a deal of any kind. I didn't notice any steaks that were smaller than 12 oz. on the menu, and the 12 oz ones went for around $33, so maybe call the 6 oz. steak $20 (buy in bulk, it gets cheaper). The caesar salad was about 7, and I didn't see the cheesecake in a glance at the menu, but I imagine it couldn't be much more than $8. Add those up, you're at the $35 you paid for.

I have to say, I think Boi Na Braza gave a much better value for the week. But when you're a staple like Jeff Ruby's, I guess there's not a need to sell yourself in the same kind of way.

Regardless, looking forward to it next time! For now, it's back to frugal ways.

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