Monday, August 31, 2009

Riverfest this weekend

Unless you've just recently moved to Cincinnati, you probably already know that Riverfest occurs the Sunday before labor day every year. There will be booths with food, drinks, and music on both sides of the Ohio River all day, leading up to the fireworks between the Big Mac bridge and the Roebling Suspension bridge at 9:05 pm.

The fireworks shoot off in synchronization with the music played on 102.7 WEBN, which is one of the main sponsors of Riverfest.

Also, the Rubber Duck Regatta will take place at 3 pm in the Ohio River. I didn't know about this event last year, but I've heard it's a really fun one to watch. The Rubber Duck Regatta is a fundraiser for the Freestore Foodbank where people can "buy" ducks, and a waterproof sticker is placed on the duck.

After selling tons of these ducks, all of them are thrown into the river and they race a quarter mile along the serpentine wall. One of the ducks will cross the finish line first, and whoever has a number matching the sticker wins a 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid. Ducks are $5 apiece or 6 for $25, and can be purchased following the link above.

The race should be really fun to watch, and gives a good excuse to get down to the riverfront and check it out way before the fireworks!

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