Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I checked out both the rubber duck regatta and the fireworks this past weekend.

The regatta, honestly, was a bit disappointing. I wasn't expecting a nail biter race or anything, but I thought it'd be funny to watch the ducks float along the river and pretend to get overly dramatic about the ending. Instead, the regatta did a very poor job of engaging the spectators.

There was a duckie mascot walking around, but about half the time it just got in the way instead. In terms of trying to see the actual duckies, the spectators were kept about 15 feet away from the end of the water, and the finish line was right against the Serpentine wall, making the finish impossible to see.

The regatta itself just seemed like a formality with very little enjoyment. Most of the actual "race" along the serpentine wall actually consisted of the rubber duckies being towed to about 15 feet from the finish line, then let loose.

At least the sight of 100,000 rubber duckies was still pretty funny to see:

The fireworks that night were awesome, though. We got to Sawyer Point a bit late, finding a seat at about 9:00, so we had a somewhat obstructed view by a tree, but it was still a great fireworks show.

If that picture's not patriotic, I don't know what is. Maybe if I could get a little better lighting on the flag.

The show lasted somewhere between half an hour and 45 minutes, I think. I found it much easier to get an unobstructed view last minute in Kentucky last year, on the hill East of the Purple People Bridge. We decided to try the Cincinnati side this year, but I'd probably go back over the river for next year's fireworks.

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